Time to Meditate

Time to Meditate

I know that meditation may seem like the last thing you could possibly make time for. That is why I have kept these meditation videos super short and easy. They help you deal with anxiety, stress, and some other things that come up throughout motherhood.

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Time to Meditate
  • Setting up for Meditation

    In this video I walk you through some of the basic meditation poses and reveal which one is my absolute favorite to get comfy. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable during your meditation because then you are going to be so pre-occupied with that knee pain or the back that is about to c...

  • Meditation Quickie

    You can do this meditation when you just need to tune in but have no time. Sit or lie yourself down, settle in for a few rounds of deep breaths, and continue on with your busy day.

  • Progressive Relaxation

    Progressive relaxation is a technique to deeply relax every part of your body. This is an ideal meditation to do just before you go to bed. You will feel deeply relaxed and ready to sleep.

  • Alternative Nostril Breathing

    Today I am going to show you how to use alternative nostril breathing to help calm your mind down. You will need to sit for this meditation to feel very comfortable using your fingers to close off your nostrils. The rhythm of this breath is so beautiful, come and try it out!

  • Letting go of Past Hurt

    Come and join me for a healing visualization to heal from past pain. Only go as far as you feel comfortable. If you feel to triggered, gently pull yourself back out again and come back another time.

  • Connect

    Take a few minutes to settle into your body and connect with your baby.

  • Gratitude Meditation

    It's easy to be grateful for the things that come easily in life. It is much harder to be grateful for all the hard times and challenges we have faced, and yet those moments and people are the ones that make us grow the most. Come and join me for a gratitude meditation to walk away feeling full.

  • Yoga Nidra for Restoration

    Yoga Nidra helps us to turn inwards and relax our entire body deeply to put healing processes into place, to restore our energy, and to "catch up" on sleep. We almost float out of our body and just become very aware of how our body is relaxing. A 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice is as effective as 1...

  • Day 18 Stress Less Holiday Advent Calendar

    This video is part of the Stress Less Holiday Advent Calendar 2019.

    In this video we are going to meditate together. Before you skip this video because you think you don't need meditation, please stop and listen to why this is so important. Do you know that energy slump in the afternoon when th...

  • Sunshine Meditation

    This meditation is great for cold, rainy days when you want to feel a little more cozy and bring some sunshine into your heart, body, and life.

  • Box Breath for Anxiety

    Box breath is a special breathing technique you can use anytime you feel anxious. You can do it as a longer meditation such as in this video or use a couple of rounds of this breath anytime you need it.

  • Meditation for Self-Acceptance

    Cozy Sunday Meditation

    “I am enough.” Can you say these words to yourself? Or do you struggle with accepting yourself fully and allowing yourself to fall short sometimes? Especially in this current climate of homeschooling and juggling it all, all moms I work with feel so inadequate at some poin...

  • Meditation for Grounding

    For Earth Day I thought it only fitting to do a grounding meditation to thank Mother Earth for taking over our worries. Come and join me to tune into your breath, your trust, and Mother Earth.

  • When it's all too much - 1 Minute Meditation

    Cozy Sunday Meditation

    I think this week many of us hit a wall. So many moms wrote to me telling me they don’t have a moment to themselves. ⁣
    💓 Yes, they know exercising would help them feel better but how do you move amongst toys everywhere? ⁣
    💓 Yes, they know eating nourishing foods will make ...

  • You are doing the best you can

    This the Cozy Sunday Meditation Mother's Day edition to make you feel proud of who you are, what you do, and to know that it is all enough. You are doing the best you can!

  • Be Here Now

    A new Cozy Sunday Meditation

    It’s so easy to slip into panic, stress, fear, and anxiety right now. The only thing we really do have control over is to Be Here Now! So that is what we are going to do in today’s Cozy Sunday Meditation. We will tune in, be present in the here and now, and carry th...

  • Exhale

    In this Cozy Sunday Meditation we focus on the exhalation. Lengthening the exhalation helps signal our brain that we are safe, we can take time to rest, recover, and restore - all the good things we are looking from a meditation.

  • I Am Safe

    During this crazy time of lockdown and not-knowing anxiety is a constant friend to most of us. Breathing through this meditation and repeating the mantra "I am safe" helps to ground us. Come and join me.

  • Morning Pages Journaling Meditation

    Grab a notebook or a piece of paper and empty your mind by dumping all of your thoughts, worries, and feelings on paper. When we write everything down we can let go. Give it a try, you will be amazed!

  • Birthday Ritual Ceremony

    This is a little ceremony I do every year on my birthday. It's not like the New Year where I met intentions around specific goals for my family, career, and life. On my birthday I use the opportunity to reflect on what kind of human being I want to show up as in the world. So come and join me. Al...

  • Joy

    Joy is a hard feeling to tune into right now with everything going on. I’ve sat with a lot of heaviness today and have turned off my phone for a while. And yet, I know that when you have kids you still have to show up. You still have to function. You still have to bring a sense of stability for t...

  • Candle Gazing Meditation

    Grab a candle and settle in to gaze at it. Bringing our focus to one point such as a flame can help calm our mind and calm our body down.

  • Finding Calm in the Storm

    It feels like 2020 is this massive tornado that keeps whipping back around and stirring up more. During this meditation you can find your calm in a storm. Settle into your body and come and join me.

  • Sitting With Discomfort

    I’m sure you saw this one coming but here it is: a meditation to help you sit with the discomfort that is coming up in you right now with everything that is going on in the world. Come and join me to help you build resilience, find your voice, and acknowledge the way that you can help create chan...